Happy New Year!

What will we learn in the new year? Coding? I think I will try for an old man. How about science? Always liked science. Maybe had links to cool sites, like the Hubble site, or it's brother/sister the Webb Telescope.

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I update occasionally, but would like to do more. Until then, be patient.


I'm a firm believer in education. Unfortunately many parents think school and schooling is really day-care. We learn everyday. Keep learning. I hope to add more educational items and move away for just plain idiot reporting.
And what is your opinion on Common Core? I'm mixed and the jury is still out.

I am attempting an online computer science course, CS50. I did not finish in the time frame, but I will continue to trudge through it. I'm not a coder. I will try , though.
I'm dabbling in all the other online sites, too. Maybe I'll list them some day!

Election Year!

Oh boy, this is gonna be a great election year. Look at the fine specimens running. Should we be scared? I think so. I do not see any one candidate that is worthy of being "America's President" Things I believe in:

  • Science
  • Common Sense
  • Accountabilty
  • Responsibility for own actions

That is the short list. Think before you act people!


Opinions are my own. I will reference some websites and sources that I find interesting and educational. Stay tuned for more, someday.