Half way through the year and...?

What will we learn in the new year? Coding? Started to look into Code Academy. Got busy and dropped it. Did manage to do the basic HTML 5 session. Looking into PHP. How about science? Always liked science. Maybe had links to cool sites, like the Hubble site, or it's brother/sister the Webb Telescope. I'm actually now starting to think about thie site list. Fun stuff!

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The Blog has been way sloooooooow. Focus this year has been a bit off. Maybe I can get more focused and get you people who want to purchase this domain off my backs!


I'm a firm believer in education. Unfortunately many parents think school and schooling is really day-care. We learn everyday. Keep learning. I hope to add more educational items and move away for just plain idiot reporting.
And what is your opinion on Common Core? I'm mixed and the jury is still out.

Thought of Now

From 365 Tao by Deng Ming-Dao:
No. No. No.
This ruins a child.
"Children are one of the most precious aspects of life, and yet they often are mistreated and abused."


Opinions are my own. I will reference some websites and sources that I find interesting and educational. Stay tuned for more, someday.